Month: September 2015

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Moonraker

    Business Plan Summary: Annihilate all people on the Earth, and then repopulate using genetically perfect specimens from an orbiting station. Founder/Leader: Hugo Drax, CEO Drax Industries. While he’s led an impressive company that has incredible technology, Mr Drax is impatient and easily angered. Mr Drax wants people to have ‘amusing’ deaths – here’s a suggestion: […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Review: The Spy Who Loved Me

    Business Plan Summary: Trigger a nuclear war between the superpowers, so that the survivors can live on under the sea. Founder/Leader: Karl Stromberg, shipping tycoon. A reclusive individual, with great wealth. Decisive, but a little prone to displays of overcomplicated revenge. Key Personnel: None. Support Staff: Jaws, assassin. Seemingly indestructible, methodical and effective. Technology: Underwater […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan reviews: The Man With the Golden Gun

    Business Plan Summary: Sell the rights to an advanced solar power technology. Founder/Leader: Francisco Scaramanga. Grew up in a circus, becoming an accomplished trick shot on the way. Worked for the KGB as an assassin for a while, before going freelance. Key Personnel: Nick Nack, aide de camp. A truly excellent assistant. Support Staff: None. […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Live and Let Die

    Business Plan Summary: Distribute free heroin in order to drive competitors out of business. Founder/Leader: Dr Kananga, Prime Minister of San Monique. Smart and capable, but overstretched and unwilling to delegate. Key Personnel: Solitaire, a voodoo priestess. The advantage of being able to see the future is significant, so long as you ask the right […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Review: Diamonds Are Forever

    Business Plan Summary: A blackmail auction of world powers to preserve their nuclear arsenal from a laser killer satellite. Founder/Leader: Mr Blofeld once again has provided no additional background information. Given his past track record this will be the last application to be considered. Key Personnel: Professor Doctor Metz, a brilliant laser technician. A noted […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    Business Plan Summary: Blackmail world powers over the release of a biological weapon of immense power. Founder/Leader: Ernst Stavro Blofeld, AKA Comte Balthazar de Bleuville. Mr Blofeld continues to provide few details of his background, although our researchers have found that while the noble title is probably a false claim, his background is Polish. Mr […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: You Only Live Twice

    Business Plan Summary: Work for hire creation of a war between the US and Soviet Union. Founder/Leader: The head of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, has agreed to provide his name but no other details. Key Personnel: Operations and Finance: Mr Osato, head of Osato Chemicals. Mr Osato is an impressive individual – he clearly identifies […]