Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Moonraker

Business Plan Summary: Annihilate all people on the Earth, and then repopulate using genetically perfect specimens from an orbiting station.

Founder/Leader: Hugo Drax, CEO Drax Industries. While he’s led an impressive company that has incredible technology, Mr Drax is impatient and easily angered. Mr Drax wants people to have ‘amusing’ deaths – here’s a suggestion: imagine all the fun you could have by quickly killing your enemies and then having them stuffed.

Key Personnel: None.

Support Staff: Jaws, previously staff for Karl Stromberg.

Technology: Shuttle technology together with a very large space station that has radar jamming technology.

Review: Unlike the previous plan assessed, this plan deals much better with the side effects of annihilating all of humanity. There will be a much better world to inherit than a nuclear wasteland. On the other hand, Mr Drax will still be around, and a nuclear wasteland would be preferable to that.

Recommendation: Do not invest.