Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: You Only Live Twice

Business Plan Summary: Work for hire creation of a war between the US and Soviet Union.

Founder/Leader: The head of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, has agreed to provide his name but no other details.

Key Personnel: Operations and Finance: Mr Osato, head of Osato Chemicals. Mr Osato is an impressive individual – he clearly identifies threats quickly, and chooses a clear course of action. He places strong trust in subordinates – too much trust, at times.

Support Staff: Assassin/Liaison: Helga Brandt (Number 11). Good at disguising her true intent, but would (as with several other junior members of SPECTRE) really benefit from learning about moving away from elaborate death traps towards a simple bullet in the back of the skull.

Technology: Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) heavy lift capability with space capsule retrieval ability, with sufficient fuel to change orbital planes to the same plane as a launch from Canaveral.

Radar jamming technology capable of preventing nearby tracking stations from spotting a launch.

Volcano Lair: OK, it’s not really technology, but this place is worth mentioning. It’s the lair you think of when you think ‘Volcano Lair’. Great stuff, all the mod cons. Definitely a plus for the investment.

Review: The approach here deals nicely with the criticism of previous plans about providing for a useful cashflow from the end of the world. While it might be a bit difficult to see how you can spend $500 million in gold when the world is in ashes – hey, gold is gold.

But $500 million seems like a small payoff for the investment in technology. The SSTO capable craft could return more than that launching communications satellites for a year or two.

Recommendation: Invest with a view to installing new management and pivoting strategy.