Bond Villain Business Plan Review: The Spy Who Loved Me

Business Plan Summary: Trigger a nuclear war between the superpowers, so that the survivors can live on under the sea.

Founder/Leader: Karl Stromberg, shipping tycoon. A reclusive individual, with great wealth. Decisive, but a little prone to displays of overcomplicated revenge.

Key Personnel: None.

Support Staff: Jaws, assassin. Seemingly indestructible, methodical and effective.

Technology: Underwater city, with submersible main base/entrance.

Review: As the company founder would admit, there isn’t a lot of profit in this plan. But as opportunities to live as kings in the world of the future are also worth considering, we should still consider this plan carefully.

There are two real questions – first, why bother destroying the world. The underwater city would function just as well without destroying the world, and obviously secrecy has been maintained well to date.

Second, what happens to the oceans when the world is destroyed? Worldwide nuclear winter, high levels of nuclear fallout, and stray nukes going off in the ocean. None of that sounds good for living under the water.

Recommendation: Do not invest.