Bond Villain Business Plan reviews: The Man With the Golden Gun

September 28th, 2015

Business Plan Summary: Sell the rights to an advanced solar power technology.

Founder/Leader: Francisco Scaramanga. Grew up in a circus, becoming an accomplished trick shot on the way. Worked for the KGB as an assassin for a while, before going freelance.

Key Personnel: Nick Nack, aide de camp. A truly excellent assistant.

Support Staff: None.

Technology: Solex-based solar collector and energy storage. Very advanced technology, although liquid helium is an odd choice for energy storage cooling – the energy cost of keeping it cool will largely eliminate the benefits of the superconductors. Try flywheels or batteries next time.

Review: Solar power at this efficiency is a very valuable technology. The business plan is overly greedy – cutting out other parties who have developed the technology or provided the financing just adds to risk. Why not try this as a non-criminal enterprise, at least to start with.

Recommendation: Invest.