Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Business Plan Summary: Blackmail world powers over the release of a biological weapon of immense power.

Founder/Leader: Ernst Stavro Blofeld, AKA Comte Balthazar de Bleuville. Mr Blofeld continues to provide few details of his background, although our researchers have found that while the noble title is probably a false claim, his background is Polish. Mr Blofeld’s track record is developing poorly.

Key Personnel: Irma Blunt, operations officer and assistant. With a menacing manner Ms Blunt has what previous SPECTRE operatives have lacked – a willingness to just get the job done.

Support Staff: None identified.

Technology: A biological weapon capable of removing the ability to reproduce from all living plants or animals.

Review: Step one in effective blackmail is having a credible threat. But step two is living to spend the money. Sure, this is the kind of threat that will bring a quick payoff from the governments of the world. But with a literal doomsday hanging over them it’s unlikely that they would ever cease trying to find and eliminate (or perhaps keep for themselves) the technology. Some threats are simply too strong to use for blackmail.

Recommendation: Do not invest.