Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Live and Let Die

September 28th, 2015

Business Plan Summary: Distribute free heroin in order to drive competitors out of business.

Founder/Leader: Dr Kananga, Prime Minister of San Monique. Smart and capable, but overstretched and unwilling to delegate.

Key Personnel: Solitaire, a voodoo priestess. The advantage of being able to see the future is significant, so long as you ask the right questions. Start with lotto numbers.

Support Staff: Tee Hee Johnson, general henchmen. It’s always good to see diversity in hires at this level, such as a man missing a hand.

Technology: None.

Review: The ‘undercut the competition on price’ strategy is an old one, but it’s almost never a good idea. For a start, there’s a big hit to cashflow during the distribution of the free product. But more importantly there’s an assumption that the competition doesn’t respond. Gang warfare isn’t hugely profitable, especially when fighting against an established incumbent. Plus once you’ve gone to all the trouble to run the competition out and run up prices – what’s to stop new entrants joining the market now?

Recommendation: Do not invest.