Month: May 2013

  • Trekathon 731: Bound (ENT)

    Archer acquires three slave girls, apparently traded for most of his brain cells. Archer and Reed (among others) wander around the ship panting after three Orion Slave Girls, in the most embarrassing thing Star Trek has put on screen since *Precious Cargo*. Of all the various elements of the Star Trek universe that did not […]

  • Trekathon 730: Divergence (2) (ENT)

    Enterprise has to stop the Klingon’s from destroying their own colony to stop the virus. Phlox may need an ethics refresher. While I agree with him on the ‘don’t kill patients’ thing, I think that engaging in biological warfare probably also fits under ‘not ethical’, even when done to save a planetary population. It was […]

  • Trekathon 729: Affliction (1) (ENT)

    Phlox is kidnapped by someone who needs his medical expertise. Ever since *Star Trek: The Motion Picture*, Star Trek fans have been plagued by one question – why do the TOS Klingons look different? For a long time the accepted explanation was ‘they didn’t’, and that the TOS appearance should just be thought of as […]

  • Trekathon 728: The Aenar (3) (ENT)

    Stopping the Romulan ship means finding an Aenar to help. Dammit, does everyone except humanity have a secret subspecies? We might be feeling a bit left out. A mysterious, half mythical, blind and telepathic species at that. Well, I don’t suppose I can say we’ve seen enough of the Andorians to expect to have heard […]

  • Trekathon 727: United (2) (ENT)

    Archer assembles a fragile alliance to hunt down the Romulan probe. One of my narrative weaknesses – I love a good origin story. It’s clear now that this season is focusing much more on the origin story of the Federation – how did those four races settle their differences, and become a united force. I’m […]

  • Trekathon 726: Babel One (1) (ENT)

    Enterprise escorts a Tellarite ambassador to a conference with the Andorians. Back onto the dangerous ground of *Minefield* – can we have an episode about the Romulans without breaching continuity. You can see the writers struggle with it, but they have succeeded so far. The first Romulan war is meant to be very soon in […]