Trekathon 729: Affliction (1) (ENT)

Phlox is kidnapped by someone who needs his medical expertise.

Ever since *Star Trek: The Motion Picture*, Star Trek fans have been plagued by one question – why do the TOS Klingons look different? For a long time the accepted explanation was ‘they didn’t’, and that the TOS appearance should just be thought of as bad special effects. But then in DS9’s *Trials and Tribbilations* that changed, and instead it was ‘we don’t like to talk about it’. This episode is finally talking about it, and we see the first TOS-style Klingons in a long time.

Kidnapping Phlox didn’t make sense to me until the relationship with the Human augments was explained. And so it seems the simple answer to the question ‘Why did the Klingons look like that’ is that it was all Khan’s fault, in the end. Indirectly, at least.

Ah, Klingon medical ethics.

Callbacks: Other than the Klingon TOS appearance thing, is that the shadowy beginnings of Section 31?

729 down, 8 to go.