Trekathon 730: Divergence (2) (ENT)

May 3rd, 2013

Enterprise has to stop the Klingon’s from destroying their own colony to stop the virus.

Phlox may need an ethics refresher. While I agree with him on the ‘don’t kill patients’ thing, I think that engaging in biological warfare probably also fits under ‘not ethical’, even when done to save a planetary population. It was a well acted scene, but it felt just a bit too far out of character for me.

The transfer at warp sequence is both one of the silliest things Star Trek has ever bothered to show on screen, but I have to admit, also one of the coolest. It’s also about the only consequence of the ‘Trip goes to the other ship’ plot, which seemed to serve little or no purpose.

Callbacks: Interestingly, more than the Klingon appearance is explained – we also get some hints at why it is that Klingon culture was so different in TOS. And yeah, that was Section 31.

730 down, 7 to go.