Trekathon 731: Bound (ENT)

May 3rd, 2013

Archer acquires three slave girls, apparently traded for most of his brain cells.

Archer and Reed (among others) wander around the ship panting after three Orion Slave Girls, in the most embarrassing thing Star Trek has put on screen since Precious Cargo. Of all the various elements of the Star Trek universe that did not need expansion, I think we can safely put Orion Slave Girls at the very top of the list. After avoiding decon gel for so long as well.

It isn’t made any better by the fact that the situation is discussed explicitly. And it’s not made any better by one of the Orion Slave Girls turning out to be the ones in charge. This is exploitation pure and simple, and it’s not even in service of an interesting story. Insulting to everyone involved.

Callbacks: Surveying for the first Starbase. And the Gorn get a mention.

731 down, 6 to go.