Trekathon 727: United (2) (ENT)

Archer assembles a fragile alliance to hunt down the Romulan probe.

One of my narrative weaknesses – I love a good origin story. It’s clear now that this season is focusing much more on the origin story of the Federation – how did those four races settle their differences, and become a united force. I’m not entirely clear on how duels to the death normally fit into those origin stories, but I suppose they are a good alternative to diplomacy, at least from an on-screen perspective.

I loved the small touch of Shran talking about the origin of his ship’s name – a great way of reminding viewers that other species have had the same journey of development. It’s little things like that which make the idea of uniting alien races together seem possible.

Callbacks: Unsurprisingly, a couple of small references to *Nemesis*, including some Remans.

727 down, 10 to go.