Trekathon 726: Babel One (1) (ENT)

Enterprise escorts a Tellarite ambassador to a conference with the Andorians.

Back onto the dangerous ground of *Minefield* – can we have an episode about the Romulans without breaching continuity. You can see the writers struggle with it, but they have succeeded so far. The first Romulan war is meant to be very soon in Star Trek’s future history, so it makes sense to start setting it up.

The level of distrust between the Andorians and the Tellarites seems a bit too much – sure, they don’t get on. But this is more ‘Israel and Palestine’ level of conflict and distrust – it’s hard to see how they will be part of the Federation in only a few years from now.

Callbacks: The Babel conference facility, as used in the Original Series.

726 down, 11 to go. This was also the last episode to air before Enterprise was officially canceled, so this is the official beginning of the end for the show.