Trekathon 728: The Aenar (3) (ENT)

Stopping the Romulan ship means finding an Aenar to help.

Dammit, does everyone except humanity have a secret subspecies? We might be feeling a bit left out. A mysterious, half mythical, blind and telepathic species at that. Well, I don’t suppose I can say we’ve seen enough of the Andorians to expect to have heard about them before – Enterprise is really the only series that has ever given them much screen time.

The episode itself was serviceable, but not nearly as interesting as the previous couple of episodes in this trilogy. Other than Shran and the Romulans it has little do with the previous two parts. The previous episodes were telling a broad story about the birth of the Federation – this is just a ‘hunt the ship’ episode with a couple of minor twists.

728 down, 9 to go.