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  • Welcome to 2008

    Happy 2008 everyone. I hope everyone reading this had a fantastic finish to 2007, and is all set for a great year ahead. 2007 was an odd year for me – a lot of disruption (albeit very positive) in the things that I work on professionally kept me busy. My only real hope for this […]

  • On Hiatus

    Hi All. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I decided to go on hiatus until the new year, but forgot to put up anything letting you know… I’m busily preparing a nice buffer of posts, so expect to see lots of stuff come January 1.

  • Sorry ’bout that

    Was sick for a fair chunk of last week. Just now getting up to date with the blog. No more interruptions between now and election day, I promise. I’ve backfilled to where I dropped off last week.

  • Redesigned

    The new design for the site has just gone live. Hopefully it’s a little bit cleaner than the old design. I’ve mainly tried to simplify the overall design – leave only the main elements that are needed. In particular I’ve removed the whole sidebar, and replaced it with a single archives page link at the […]

  • Recharging

    Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of days. I just couldn’t find any inspiration for something to blog about… So I’ve decided that I should take a month off ‘real’ blogging. I’ll keep popping up the little tidbits that I find on the Internet for people to see, so there’s something new […]

  • Can’t get enough of this blog?

    Just a quick reminder (given that I can’t think of anything to write tonight…) that there’s more to be seen if you haven’t visited the actual site of the blog in a while. (Thanks to good old RSS, I suspect a few readers of this site don’t ever come to the page). Thanks to [Google […]

  • User interaction

    Quick question for people – should I bother posting stuff on the weekends, or should I just stick to Monday-Friday? Please answer, I need the feedback! Should I post stuff on weekends? Yes, I check the site every day Nah, 5 days a week is plenty If you could manage 3 days a week, that […]

  • Where can I find about 5 hours free time per day

    It’s pretty embarrassing exactly how long it takes me to collapsed on my periodic insistence that I’ll begin to post to this weblog properly… So, sorry everyone (if there is indeed anyone left)! The excuses are many and varied, mainly due to a recent increase in the quantity and tempo of work. I’m going to […]

  • Getting back on the wagon

    Yes, I know I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’m going to be trying to post things a bit more often now. Been a bit busy, plus I’ve been trying to fix up a bunch of other problems with my various websites. I’m also going to be trying to get back on to the diet. […]

  • I’m back with a new theme

    Sorry for the extended absence, but most of my spare hours normally devoted to this blog got used instead for the redesign that I’ve just put on. I’m still working on it, so it’s likely that a few bugs will show up. Let me know if you see any by leaving me a comment. I […]