Where can I find about 5 hours free time per day

It’s pretty embarrassing exactly how long it takes me to collapsed on my periodic insistence that

I’ll begin to post to this weblog properly…

So, sorry everyone (if there is indeed anyone left)! The excuses are many and varied, mainly due to a recent increase in the quantity

and tempo of work. I’m going to *not* offer any further promises about actually updating this site


But all this just bought home to me how difficult it is to fit everything into your day…

To start with, I like about 9 hours sleep a day. That’s probably a little more than I need, but it makes

me a happier person so I go with it. I suspect that if I got my fitness a little higher I would be able

to make do with a little less. Then there’s work (10 hours a day on average, including lunch), commuting (about an hour, counting walks to/from the

car park), dressing/showering/etc (maybe half an hour?) and dinner (about 30-45 mins depending on what

I’m cooking). So that’s 21 hours of my day gone. That leaves me just three hours for everything else.

The list of ‘everything else’ includes spending time with my lovely wife, watching TV, getting exercise,

posting to the blog, designing websites, playing with my kitten, cleaning the house, and reading books.

Just as a start. I’m normally lucky if I can get more than a couple of those done on any given night.

Weekends aren’t a lot better either…

So what I really need is another 4-5 hours a day. That should just about give me time to fit everything in.

The only block of time which that can really come from is the sleep. So this brings me to the question:

if someone could design a safe, legal, side effect free pill that would allow you to have only 4 hours

sleep a night, would you take it? And how much would you pay for it?

I think I would. And I think I’d pay a fair bit. And I might even actually update this thing more than

once a month…



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