Welcome to 2008

Happy 2008 everyone.

I hope everyone reading this had a fantastic finish to 2007, and is all set for a great year ahead.

2007 was an odd year for me – a lot of disruption (albeit very positive) in the things that I work on professionally kept me busy. My only real hope for this year is to try and be a bit more in control of things that are going on.

So here I am for another tilt at the blogging thing. I fully expect that this will last only a month or so until my buffer dries up, but we’ll see how I go.

I plan to post a lot more reviews of the books, movies, TV shows and computer games that I see. I’ll be starting with three of the films I saw over Christmas, which could be summarised as the great, the bad and the brilliant. Plus there will be the normal assortment of random links I find on the Internet.

So let’s get going with the year, already.