Can’t get enough of this blog?

Just a quick reminder (given that I can’t think of anything to write tonight…) that there’s more to be seen if you haven’t visited the actual site of the blog in a while.

(Thanks to good old RSS, I suspect a few readers of this site don’t ever come to the page).

Thanks to [Google Reader](, you can see some of the posts that I’ve recently read that I thought were neat, interesting or otherwise cool. You can find it on the left hand column of the blog, or you can [click here](

If you’d like to get slightly more meta, you can subscribe to the [RSS feed]( for the posts I share with Reader.

And if you are actually reading this page directly, rather than using an RSS reader: maybe you should get one? They’re a very efficient way to keep track of a lot of sites at once. According to my stats, I subscribe to 110 websites, and have read 19,873 items in the past 30 days. An RSS reader is like performance enhancing drugs for web surfing…