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January 4th, 2011

The first, and most important thing to know about 2011 is that it’s a prime number.

Why is this important? Because it suggests that it will be a year unique in it’s own right, not just derivative of other years.

I hope so at least. In a lot of ways 2010 did not go very well at all. I don’t want to dwell on the past, just want to make the most of a new year.

I have only one resolution for the year: control. Be in control, don’t cede control to circumstances, or even the desire to sleep :).

Hopefully that’ll mean more blogging here as well, starting with the return of the Trekathon, and probably some nerdy stuff about writing iPhone apps.

So, yeah…

November 6th, 2010

The more observant of you will have noticed that the Trekathon stalled a little bit back in June at the end of TNG Season 6 and DS9 Season 1.

There are a lot of different reasons, which I won’t go in to.

And looking forward I have a big holiday coming up, and next year I’m going to be studying part time. So the ‘free’ time for Star Trek has been eaten up.

So, here’s the new plan. The new Star Trek movie comes out on 29 June 2012. That’s 601 days from now. As I had 457 episodes to go, that means that I need to watch a bit less than one episode a day. So early in 2011 I’ll be getting back on the wagon at a lower pace.

I’ll probably be doing some other posts on the blog from time to time as well.

Oh hey, a weblog

October 4th, 2009

I remember when I used to update this!

Sorry all. I’ll be back on the wagon now – writing stuff to post for the next little while.

In the meantime, here’s a cat in a tank:

Kitten Tank


August 16th, 2009

Sorry, no week 32 this week – too busy/tired this weekend to do anything. I’ll try an do a double dose next weekend, I promise.

52/30/5 Weeks 17-30 Coming Soon

July 12th, 2009

Yep, I’m back. It’s been a long absence, due to some laziness, and some factors beyond my control.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting one set of photos a day (or so) until I’m all caught up. By my calculations I should have posted Week 29 today, so this will run through to Week 30. And then I’m going to try and stick to the schedule I promised back in January.

Fortunately, I had a three week trip to Europe in the time away from the blog, so I have plenty of good subjects to post.

The return of the blog

April 29th, 2009

Not yet.

But soon.

Let’s just say that if you were beware the ides of May, you’d be leaving it too late.


February 22nd, 2009

I’ve been a bit behind in posting photos to this blog. I’ve been taking them and putting them on Flickr, but not getting around to this bit. But here they are now!

The lack of posting

March 17th, 2008

Hi everyone (all four of you by this point),

As you’ve noticed, there haven’t been a lot of posts here lately. Between one thing and the other, things have just been a little too hectic. Work is very busy, and there’s a lot to do at home as well.

Hence the last thing I need is another distraction, such as a blog. So I’ve decided that I’m going to take a more substantial break – probably until early August. If anything really strikes me between now and then I’ll post it, but otherwise expect very little.

In August I’ll probably come back with a new format for the blog too, tweaked to make it a bit easier to keep up with things.

So I’ll be back in August. Unless I get some really good idea I just have to blog about, that is.

Time Management

February 10th, 2008

I haven’t had a very clean period on the blog since the start of the year – sorry everything’s been erratic. Initially I was going to plead ‘not enough time’, but that’s not really true.

It’s really about time management. And a lack of proper capital use.

In particular, it’s about a very silly bit of my IT setup at home.

As those who’ve met me know, I’m a little ‘over extended’ in the gadget front. In particular, I tend to watch TV/movies streamed from my computer. Or, to be more specific, streamed from the external hard drive attached to my laptop.

Those following along can probably already see the problem – the best bit of down time each evening, the opportunity to write a blog post or two (or just catch up on other blogs) is while I’m watching TV, but my laptop is tethered to my office setup and is unavailable…

Silly, really.

Anyway, I make no promises about blogging more often. But I’ve now switched the setup over to stream TV and movies from my other computer, and so now I’ve got a laptop to use while I’m watching TV.

(I also could buy myself a nice new laptop I suppose).

Happy Australia Day!

January 26th, 2008

Go throw something on a barbie, play some backyard cricket, or complain about the politicians. You know, something Australian.

I’ll be back on Tuesday. Everyone have a great long weekend.

And if you don’t get the long weekend because you’re not in Australia: Why not fix that?