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  • 2011

    The first, and most important thing to know about 2011 is that it’s a prime number. Why is this important? Because it suggests that it will be a year unique in it’s own right, not just derivative of other years. I hope so at least. In a lot of ways 2010 did not go very […]

  • 52/30/5 Week 30

    For the first time in many months, I am actually up to date and posting the photos within the week they’re for. Week 30 took me to the [Carillion]( in Lake Burley Griffin. View Larger Map The Carillion was a gift from the UK Government in 1970. Living only 2km or so from it was […]

  • One month of podcasts

    To get an idea of how much time I take listening to podcasts each month, I kept track of all my podcasts for the month of April. (Yes, I’ve been sitting on this post for a while). In order of time: * Lyrics undercover: 28 mins, 4 episodes. * A Life Well Wasted: 53 mins, […]

  • List: Podcasts I listen to

    To celebrate the fact that I’m up to date on all my podcasts. In alphabetical order, from iTunes: * [1UP FM]( Weekly review of new game releases and previews. * [1UP Yours]( Weekly discussion of new games and other video game industry things. * Apple Keynotes. Yes, I’m a fanboy. So sue me. * Battlestar […]

  • Time Management

    I haven’t had a very clean period on the blog since the start of the year – sorry everything’s been erratic. Initially I was going to plead ‘not enough time’, but that’s not really true. It’s really about time management. And a lack of proper capital use. In particular, it’s about a very silly bit […]

  • Welcome to 2008

    Happy 2008 everyone. I hope everyone reading this had a fantastic finish to 2007, and is all set for a great year ahead. 2007 was an odd year for me – a lot of disruption (albeit very positive) in the things that I work on professionally kept me busy. My only real hope for this […]

  • On jogging

    For the past few weeks I have been trying something that I’ve never done before in my life – jogging every day.[^1] All through High School I was always the least enthusiastic about the annual cross country, greatly preferring sports that required a bit less in the way of actual physical exertion. And ever since […]

  • Melbourne

    [Helen]( and I travelled to Melbourne last weekend for a quick holiday weekend. A few highlights… Firstly, I really enjoy the architecture in Melbourne. I never quite managed to get a photo of the RMIT campus near our hotel, but I was quite taken with this skyscraper: ![Melbourne Skyscraper]( First day we mainly spent going […]

  • Where can I find about 5 hours free time per day

    It’s pretty embarrassing exactly how long it takes me to collapsed on my periodic insistence that I’ll begin to post to this weblog properly… So, sorry everyone (if there is indeed anyone left)! The excuses are many and varied, mainly due to a recent increase in the quantity and tempo of work. I’m going to […]

  • Getting organised

    I have, just recently, become something of a devotee (albeit one with a bit of practice needed yet) of [David Allen](’s “Getting Things Done” method. What I like about it is that, unlike most of the Stephen Covey like approaches to organising your life, it can cope with the kind of ‘creative chaos’ that most […]