List: Podcasts I listen to

To celebrate the fact that I’m up to date on all my podcasts. In alphabetical order, from iTunes:

* [1UP FM]( Weekly review of new game releases and previews.

* [1UP Yours]( Weekly discussion of new games and other video game industry things.

* Apple Keynotes. Yes, I’m a fanboy. So sue me.

* Battlestar Galactica. The audio quality is normally terrible, but Ronald D Moore’s episode commentary does make up for it.

* [Coverville]( One of the best music podcasts out there, dedicated (duh) to cover songs.

* [Crikey]( Production needs some work, but still some interesting political commentary from some of the people behind the newsletter.

* [Downloadable Content]( The Penny Arcade podcast. Hardly ever updated (they’ve done two since June 2008), but a must listen when they do – a horrifying glimpse inside the minds behind the webcomic.

* [Escape Pod]( A Science Fiction short story podcast. Short SF is a perfect fit for audio, although I seem to end up skipping about half the stories these days for one reason or another.

* [gdgt weekly]( Gadget nerd podcast. Lots of discussion of new cell phones and such.

* [Irregular Podcast]( Pretty much impossible to describe. Weird and insane.

* [Joystiq]( Computer and console games discussion.

* [Lan party]( PC games discussion.

* [Lyrics Undercover]( From the makers of coverville, a 5 min dissection of some song. The only paid subscription podcast I have.

* [Napoleon 101]( A detailed (~45) episode history of Napoleon’s life. Now finished with the main run, and doing some special topics. If you’re interested, start at the start.

* Retronauts: History of computer games, going into a different title each week.

* [The Talk Show]( Mac and Apple discussion.

* The Biography Show. From the maker’s of Napoleon 101, each episode looks at the life of some historical figure.

* Wall Street Journal. Technically pay, as this is a freebie with my subscription. The front page and selected stories from the WSJ. A good way to start the day.