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  • Perth has no taxis

    Just back from a couple of days in Perth for work. This is my second trip to Perth, and the first time that I’ve had a little bit of time to look around. I had to travel down to Mandurah (about an hour south of Perth), and got to have a look around Rockingham and […]

  • Papercraft Christmas

    One of my christmas presents this year was this a papercraft penguin. This weekend just past I found the couple of hours to make the thing, and here it is, looming from the bookshelf in my home office. ![Paper Penguin 1]( Some more pictures after the cut. This thing is huge: 53cm tall.

  • Good news

    Well, as it’s finally been announced, I can tell people that I was just promoted to EL2 within the Department of the Treasury. I’ll be staying in more or less my current position, but my current position will be expanded a little bit with more responsibilities. Oh, and I bought one of these.

  • Back from Perth

    After a very long night, I’m back in Canberra from Perth. The flight back was packed with West Coast Eagles supporters, in search of any flight to the East coast in order to make their way to Melbourne. Which suggests that there’s just way too much money going into this mining boom. Anyway, I’ll post some […]

  • At least my excuses for not updating this site are getting better…

    Apologies once again for the lack of updates. This time I do have a good excuse (well, for the last couple of days, at least): I’m in Perth at the Conference of Economists. Presented my paper yesterday, and it seemed to be well received. However, as a result me and my email are separated, and […]

  • T-Shirts I must own

    I think I’ll go get my order in…

  • The Diet

    OK, not a good couple of months. Time to take this seriously now.