Month: January 2007

  • Stupid, stupid policy

    From [ABC News]( is this brain dead bit of policy: >Australian Young Labor is calling on the ALP to adopt a policy of not taxing people under 18. >Young Labor president Sam Crosby says it is unfair that those aged under 18 have to pay tax even though they cannot vote. OK, let’s ignore the […]

  • 8/1/07

    Weight: 110.4kg

  • Year of the Election

    2007 will be, almost certainly, the year we see the next Federal Election. According to [the timetable published by the AEC]( the election has to occur between 4 August 2007 and 19 January 2008. A double dissolution can occur any time, but those are the only dates that avoid a half-senate election too, something we […]

  • Cricket Commentary and the taste of despair

    Despite half going for the UK in this round of the Ashes (the other half knowing that they’re completely hopeless), I still have to laugh at some of the stuff from the [BBC Online Commentary]( >1439: WICKET – Cook ct Gilchrist b Lee 4, Eng 4-1 Oh no >11627: WICKET – Bell ct Gilchrist b […]

  • New tools for the blog

    Following the 500 words lost incident earlier today I’ve upgraded the tools that I use for posting to this weblog a little. I now use [TextMate](, a fabulous text editor that I use for all my coding. I found out it had a blogging interface, and away I went… To make that work a little […]

  • A few thoughts about 1976

    1976 isn’t just the year of my birth (epoch making an event that may be). It was also the year of a fairly interesting economic policy showdown in Australia. This has been prompted by the release of the [1976 Cabinet Papers]( “Released under the 30 year rule”) as well as some recent [commentary by John […]

  • 3/1/07

    Weight: 110.3kg

  • And I should probably add…

    That of those 16 movies I fully expect that Helen will want to see about 6…

  • Movies I’m looking forward to (2007 edition)

    A few of the films that I want to see coming out this year (in release date order): For Your Consideration. From the makers of Looking for Guffman and Best in Show (and A Mighty Wind, which I haven’t seen yet). Should be fun, but uneven like the rest. The Fountain. Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, […]

  • Missing autosave

    I just typed about 500 words (which was only about halfway into the post) and then a ‘user malfunction’ caused it all to disappear. I wish this program had autosave! 🙁 (I’ll try and get back to my fascinating post about mid-1970s exchange rate policy soon, but I don’t think I can stand doing it […]