Month: January 2007

  • The strange, strange world of tax

    As I mentioned below, I just got a new laptop. Despite the fact that it cost twice as much as a desktop. Why? [Section 58X(2)(h)]( of the [Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986](, which says: > each of the following is an eligible work related item : […] a notebook computer, a laptop computer or […]

  • 18/1/07

    Weight: 109.0kg Breakfast: Weet Bix & OJ Lunch: Vegemite Sandwich x 2 Dinner: Chilli with Cous Cous Snacks: Beer after work Total Calories: 1,326 cal Exercise: None (raining 🙁 ) Ladder: na

  • What’s stranger?

    That someone made a [film about the Helvetica font]( Or the fact that I really want to see it now… (Via [Daring Fireball](

  • My shiny new laptop

    Shortly before Christmas my [old Powerbook laptop]( started doing two distressing things. Firstly, it started getting really, really hot and was working really slowly. Secondly, and even *more* worryingly, the hard drive was making funny noises every time it got used. So I very quickly stopped using it, which is the other excuse that I […]

  • Wii unboxing

    In the rest of this entry are the pictures from when I got my shiny new [Wii]( back in December. I didn’t post the pictures at the time due to my laptop explosion. Warning: only geeks will care. For the rest of you: the Wii is great fun, and I wish I had some more […]

  • Papercraft Christmas

    One of my christmas presents this year was this a papercraft penguin. This weekend just past I found the couple of hours to make the thing, and here it is, looming from the bookshelf in my home office. ![Paper Penguin 1]( Some more pictures after the cut. This thing is huge: 53cm tall.

  • 17/1/07

    Weight: 109.1kg Breakfast: Weet Bix & OJ Lunch: Vegemite Sandwich x 2 Dinner: Fillet Steak with Potatoes and Peas Snacks: None Total Calories: 1221 Exercise: Cycling, 20 mins Ladder: na

  • What the???!!!

    Via [Washington Monthly]( is this unbelievably strange [story in the Guardian](,,1990795,00.html): > Britain and France talked about a “union” in the 1950s, even discussing the possibility of the Queen becoming the French head of state, it was reported today. > […] > When Mr Mollet’s request for a union failed, he quickly responded with another […]

  • No comet

    Went out tonight to try and find [Comet C/2006 P1 McNaught]( with no luck so far – too much haze, and Canberra is just too bright. This continues my near perfect record of not being able to see astronomical phenomena from Canberra, having also missed a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, and I could never […]

  • So very,very wrong

    Last night I very nearly posted a long rant about how it’s ‘Macworld’, and not ‘iPodworld’ or ‘iPhoneworld’. [Good thing I didn’t…]( Apple only announced two big new products at the Macworld keynote, neither of which are computer hardware: the [Apple TV]( and the [iPhone]( The phone looks very, very nice, but there’s no word […]