Cricket Commentary and the taste of despair

Despite half going for the UK in this round of the Ashes (the other half knowing that they’re completely hopeless), I still have to laugh at some of the stuff from the [BBC Online Commentary](

>1439: WICKET – Cook ct Gilchrist b Lee 4, Eng 4-1

Oh no

>11627: WICKET – Bell ct Gilchrist b Lee 28, Eng 64-3 That’s what pressure does to you – Bell swipes horribly at a wide one from Lee and snicks it into Gilchrist’s grateful gloves. Lee strikes in his first over back, and England slump again. Hey, at least we can all find something else to do on Saturday…

>Maiden from McGrath, and England’s constipation is reaching chronic levels. Thing is, you don’t get any prunes from this attack.

>Joy unconfined – a whole run!

>Crunch – Warne leans back and drives Anderson high over cover for four, and that’s his half-century. The SCG crowd rise to him, laughing as they do so – it’s not been a classic knock, and he should have been out at least twice, but Warne being Warne, he’s still there. Hey – only two and half more days to go, and he can never hurt England again. Until he moves into coaching.

Lots of fun.