Stupid, stupid policy

From [ABC News]( is this brain dead bit of policy:

>Australian Young Labor is calling on the ALP to adopt a policy of not taxing people under 18.

>Young Labor president Sam Crosby says it is unfair that those aged under 18 have to pay tax even though they cannot vote.

OK, let’s ignore the ‘taxing people under 18’ bit. Let’s just think about the ‘cannot vote’ thing and what that implies:

– only citizens have to pay taxes;

– people who don’t pay tax can’t vote; and

– people who don’t live in Australia don’t have to pay tax.

Stupid, stupid justification for the policy. If you’re going to advocate new policy (and it’s an idea interesting enough to debate), please don’t try to justify it using this fairness argument that a 3-year-old could see through.



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