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  • Cricket Commentary and the taste of despair

    Despite half going for the UK in this round of the Ashes (the other half knowing that they’re completely hopeless), I still have to laugh at some of the stuff from the [BBC Online Commentary]( >1439: WICKET – Cook ct Gilchrist b Lee 4, Eng 4-1 Oh no >11627: WICKET – Bell ct Gilchrist b […]

  • Fairfax versus News Limited

    First, the background (from the Sydney Morning Herald): The annual Walkley Awards for journalism were rocked by an attack on stage on Thursday night at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. Controversial writer Stephen Mayne was attacked by Sunday Telegraph columnist Glenn Milne. Mayne had just finished awarding the best business news report to the […]

  • Another T-Shirt I need to own…

    From Way of the Rodent. I’d order it, but I’ve already spent something like $200 on geeky T-shirts this year.

  • Making lemonade from lemons

    While at Harvey Norman today I found this piece of inventive advertising: A Choice award? How fantastic! Let’s investigate… The CHOICE 2006 Shonky Awards Ten products to make you weep in despair. […] The CHOICE Shonky for Best Dirt Redistribution Goes to the iROBOT ROOMBA robot vacuum cleaner (CHOICE, November 2006) […] But what really […]

  • Most surprising test result ever

    Yes, I know. Why did I score so low? Another one while I’m here:

  • Ever wondered what you’d look like in South Park?

    Me: Helen: (Generated using South Park Studio).