Fairfax versus News Limited

First, the background (from the Sydney Morning Herald):

The annual Walkley Awards for journalism were rocked by an attack on stage on Thursday night at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Controversial crikey.com.au writer Stephen Mayne was attacked by Sunday Telegraph columnist Glenn Milne.

Mayne had just finished awarding the best business news report to the Australian Financial Review’s Morgan Mellish when Milne rushed up onto the stage and accosted Mayne, pushing him off the platform and onto the floor.

But how did the audience react? According to the Herald:

Milne then began berating Mayne from the stage as the audience, which consisted of a representation of Australia’s top journalists, looked on horrified.

Dear oh dear? That sounds dreadful. But I wonder what News Limited has to say:

“You are an absolute disgrace,” an outraged Milne shouted, as an audience of the nation’s media elite erupted into laughter.


The ballroom full of guests at Melbourne’s Crown Casino cheered and whistled as Milne stumbled down the stairs and, still yelling insults, was led away.

Now which of these is true? Let’s go to the video.

Yep, that’d be whistling and cheering. Bad Fairfax, trying to spin things against News Limited.