Month: August 2015

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Thunderball

    Business Plan Summary: Threaten to explode stolen atomic bombs in order to demand a ransom from NATO. Founder/Leader: SPECTRE’s founder continues to prefer to not provide details on his background. Key Personnel: Emilio Largo, Chief of Extortion Operations. Ruthless and driven, Mr Largo has shown considerable talent in blackmail. Prefers a ‘climate of fear’ approach, […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Goldfinger

    Business Plan Summary: Contaminate the US gold in the US Bullion Depository and profit from the ensuing rise in gold prices. Founder/Leader: Auric Goldfinger. A smuggler and jewellery magnate. Greedy and a megalomaniac, strong organisational abilities and a creative problem solver. Key Personnel: No other management or coordination personnel. Support Staff: Oddjob. Chauffeur, bodyguard and […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: From Russia With Love

    Business Plan Summary: Create conflict between the United States and Soviet Union, allowing SPECTRE to take over the world. Founder/Leader: No background information available. Key Personnel: Rosa Klebb (Number 3): Chief Operations Officer. Ex-KGB, with a strong track record for delivering covert operations effectively. Tov Kronsteen (Number 5): Chief Planning Officer. A chess grandmaster, and […]

  • Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Dr. No

    Business plan summary: ‘Topple’ rockets launched from Cape Canaveral. Early stage funding through bauxite mining. Founder/Leader: Dr. Julius No has extensive experience with organised crime, acting as Chief Financial Officer for the Chinese Tongs. Since then he has worked on research into electromagnetic radiation. Currently a member of the SPECTRE syndicate, he has a strong […]