Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Thunderball

August 25th, 2015

Business Plan Summary: Threaten to explode stolen atomic bombs in order to demand a ransom from NATO.

Founder/Leader: SPECTRE’s founder continues to prefer to not provide details on his background.

Key Personnel: Emilio Largo, Chief of Extortion Operations. Ruthless and driven, Mr Largo has shown considerable talent in blackmail. Prefers a ‘climate of fear’ approach, with no tolerance for failure with his staff.

Support Staff: Angelo Palazzi: impersonation specialist and pilot. Somewhat greedy but good at his work.

Count Lippe: Liaison. Working with Largo has encouraged a taste towards the baroque, when a simple bullet would suffice.

Fiona Volpe: Assassin. Confident and effective, although she may need further explanation of the meaning of ‘secret’ in ‘secret society’.

Technology: Extensive SCUBA equipment. Very extensive. Don’t ask them about it, they’ll show it to you for hours and hours.

Review: While the ‘steal the bombs’ step is high risk, the plan is well developed and likely to succeed. The only objection is that the ransom demanded is a bit low, and quite a bit more could easily be realised. The only way the plan could come unstuck at that point would be if someone made an idiotic mistake allowing the project to be traced, like associating with the sister of the pilot who will be replaced. But surely no one would be that stupid?

Recommendation: Strong Invest.