Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: From Russia With Love

Business Plan Summary: Create conflict between the United States and Soviet Union, allowing SPECTRE to take over the world.

Founder/Leader: No background information available.

Key Personnel: Rosa Klebb (Number 3): Chief Operations Officer. Ex-KGB, with a strong track record for delivering covert operations effectively.

Tov Kronsteen (Number 5): Chief Planning Officer. A chess grandmaster, and so has exceptional planning abilities, but also a weakness in terms of assuming that all the ‘pieces’ will move according to the rules.

Support Staff: Donald Grant. Assassin, a homicidal paranoiac with exceptional skills. But atrocious table manners. Red wine with fish, really? Also should seek some help about his monologuing habit – it’s the kind of thing that junior staff simply shouldn’t be doing.

Technology: None identified.

Review: The founder summarised the plan neatly: “Siamese fighting fish, fascinating creatures. Brave but of the whole stupid. Yes they’re stupid. Except for the occasional one such as we have here who lets the other two fight. While he waits. Waits until the survivor is so exhausted that he cannot defend himself, and then like SPECTRE… he strikes!”

The problem with the plan becomes apparent when it is realised that Siamese fighting fish is a pretty poor analogy for nuclear armed superpowers. The business plan has a very good chance to succeed in generating the desired instability. But world domination is a less profitable goal when the world in question is a nuclear wasteland.

But the personnel involved are very strong, so while the current plan is poor it’s easy to see a future iteration being much stronger.

Recommendation: Invest.