Bond Villain Business Plan Reviews: Dr. No

Business plan summary: ‘Topple’ rockets launched from Cape Canaveral. Early stage funding through bauxite mining.

Founder/Leader: Dr. Julius No has extensive experience with organised crime, acting as Chief Financial Officer for the Chinese Tongs. Since then he has worked on research into electromagnetic radiation. Currently a member of the SPECTRE syndicate, he has a strong level of personal animus towards both the United States and Soviet Union which can affect his judgment.

Key personnel: The company was able to identify only one key staff member beyond Dr. No, suggesting a worrying level of centralisation in a single person. The one person identified, the geologist Professor Dent, is well qualified in his professional capacities, but is placed in a role extending well beyond these.

Support staff: Generally strongly motivated (several said they were ‘willing to die for’ the company), staff across several areas were generally excellent. Assassination and security departments are particularly well staffed, although the surveillance department could stand to add some more experienced staff.

Technology: The missile toppling technology demonstrated is an impressive achievement, using radio waves to disrupt a missile while launched. But applications outside the initial implementation appear limited, and the need for geographic proximity to the launch would seem to limit even this application.

Review: While the technical capability demonstrated by Dr. No is excellent, the business plan overall is weak. There is little scope for monetisation demonstrated, and the potential for blackmail seems limited when dealing with a nation-state with the simple ability to wipe the single well-known base of operations out with a single bombing campaign. The path from being able to disrupt missile launches to world domination is tenuous at best.

Recommendation: Do Not Invest.