Month: November 2007

  • Election07: The Result

    Well, it’s all over. The final polls were pretty close, with the final two party preferred result favouring the ALP 53 to 47. The ALP has won at least 83 seats so far, and is likely to pick up another four. Kevin Rudd will be the next Prime Minister, with the cabinet to be announced…

  • Architectural Lego

    [An architect using Lego for the scale model of his house]( Hopefully that kit will be released soon. Bigger than even the [Millenium Falcon kit](

  • Better powerpoint

    [Some simple advice for better presentations]( The average slide presentation I see is pretty bad. There are a lot of features in most of the software packages like Power Point that should never, *ever* be used.

  • Hollywood will destroy your childhood

    [Robotech and Voltron movies are coming soon]( There’s a 1 per cent chance these would be good. But it’s far more likely they will destroy everything good about these shows.

  • Political Advertising

    [The story of the most famous political advert of all time]( The “Daisy” advert only ever ran once as an advert. But it’s been probably been shown more often than any other political advert ever.

  • Video Game failures

    [The 10 biggest flops in video games]( Just wait until *Spore* comes out, I’m sure it’ll make it to this list.

  • Explaining Economists

    [Why economists use maths]( Cold comfort for those awaiting their results from ANU, of course.

  • Customised bookcase

    [Two bookcases designed for people who prefer design to actually storing books]( Very pretty. But I have to admit a preference for the bookcases that store thousands of books rather than look pretty.

  • Solving problems that do not exist

    [A flat-pack wooden mallet]( Very clever. But very expensive, and without any kind of practical use whatsoever.

  • Worst. Castle. Ever.

    [15 Castles built by people who didn’t know what they were doing]( Jim Bishop’s castle in particular is quite cool.