Month: November 2007

  • Summer Reading

    [The 100 most notable books of 2007]( Plenty of books that you won’t have seen yet. Plenty that I’ll never even consider reading as well…

  • The worst thing in the world

    [The horrible shoes ‘Crocs’ are not only ugly, but also dangerous]( I really don’t understand the Crocs thing. For kids, sure – kids have no taste and do stupid things. But all the adults? Arrrgggh!

  • Unintended consequences

    [A $1 per gallon increase in petrol price would reduce obesity by 15 per cent]( Makes a nice amount of sense on an intuitive level too. Makes you wonder what the other unintended consequences of a carbon tax might be.

  • The sub-prime crisis in one sentence

    [From a very funny column by Michael Lewis]( >This is what happens when you lend money to poor people. As always, with these things, there’s a bit of a grain of truth in there. Especially in this bit: >I trusted these people to get their teams of lawyers to vet anything before they signed it. […]

  • Guerilla Heritage

    [A clock in France’s Pantheon was fixed by “cultural guerillas” who broke in and conducted their restoration in secret](,,2217067,00.html). It’s a wonderful idea. Of course, if it’s a Harry Seidler building conventional guerillas might be preferred.

  • A warning for our time

    [Don’t send your children out on railroad tracks for coal]( OK, it’s from the 1920s. Which just shows the ‘warning about the obvious’ thing some liability specialists love to point out isn’t that new a trend.

  • Custom furniture

    [Furniture pieces that you can use to build almost an infinite range of shapes]( It’s a good thing I don’t have one of these. I’d never stop rearranging it while watching TV.

  • The best of skymall

    [10 of the best from SkyMall]( Incredible proof of the imminent destruction of society. The Hitch Critters are very scary.

  • Star Wars alternate universes

    [Star Wars recast with various celebrities]( As with all Worth1000 contests, some of the entries are quite poor. But the best 10 or so are pretty clever.

  • Consequences of the writer’s strike

    [The Discovery Channel is casting for a show where you have to construct Rube Goldberg machines]( OK, it could be a lot of fun. But it’s far more likely that it’d suck. Hope they work that strike out quickly.