Category: Election07

  • Election07: The Result

    Well, it’s all over. The final polls were pretty close, with the final two party preferred result favouring the ALP 53 to 47. The ALP has won at least 83 seats so far, and is likely to pick up another four. Kevin Rudd will be the next Prime Minister, with the cabinet to be announced […]

  • Election07: Penultimate Edition

    *Announcements*: Nothing much. The ALP has [final costings for all policies]( and [$10 million for Tassie Devils]( Nil return for the Coalition. *Polls*: It’s poll-a-palooza today. [Newspoll]( ALP 52, [Galaxy](,22049,22806538-5001021,00.html) ALP 52, [Morgan phone]( ALP 54.5, [AC Nielsen phone]( ALP 57, [AC Nielsen online]( ALP 57. Someone’s going to look pretty dumb in about 24 […]

  • Election07: Terrible Twos Edition

    *Anouncements*: * ALP has [Resources](, [Energy](, [Fisheries]( and [phase out of full fee university degrees]( * Coalition has [sport](, [regional partnerships](, [women]( and [foreign affairs]( *Polls*: [AC Nielsen]( ALP 57. [Galaxy]( ALP 52. Someone’s going to look silly on Sunday. *Line of the day*: The Chaser team, [responding to Jackie Kelly’s suggestion that an attempt […]

  • Election07: Trilogy edition

    *Announcements*: The Coalition has a [Hoons policy]( And the ALP has a [trade policy]( and an [aged care workforce policy]( *Polls*: No new polls, [but a couple of new markets to bet on the TPP and seats result]( Just three more days to go!

  • Election07: Fantastic Edition

    *Announcements*: [ALP regional policy]( and a couple of small packages of older policies from the coalition ([Water]( and [Clean Energy]( *Polls*: [Galaxy marginals]( ALP 52 (a swing of 5.5). [Newspoll]( ALP 54. Probably only one Newspoll before the big day now. *Other*: Some fuss over [the eligibility of 13 ALP candidates](,25197,22791352-601,00.html). Four days to go.

  • Election07: Self-Incrimination Edition

    Another quiet day in terms of policy. The Coalition had a [Forestry policy]( and that was it. 5 days to go.

  • Election07: Over the Boundary Edition

    All quiet but the polls. *Polls*: [Morgan phone]( ALP 56. [Galaxy marginals]( ALP ahead enough to win. 6 days to go.

  • Election07: The Final Week

    *Announcements*: The ALP announces a [National Primary Health Care Strategy]( Nothing from the coalition. *Polls*: [Newspoll marginals](,25197,22772731-601,00.html) ALP 54 in the 18 most marginal seats. 7 days to go. This time next week, we should know the result.

  • Election07: 7b edition

    *Announcements*: ALP will [give a free health check to all students starting primary school](, costing $45m. Nothing from the coalition. *Polls*: [Morgan face to face]( ALP 56.5. And the Possum predicts [the ALP will get 55.15% at the election](–-regression-prediction-model/). Line of the day: [Tony Abbott in diplomatic mode]( >The best protection for a worker […] […]

  • Election07: Single Digit Edition

    *Announcements*: Coalition announces [$250m for aged care places]( ALP has [$15m for ethanol plant trials]( *Polls*: [AC Nielsen]( ALP 54. 9 days to go.