Category: Election07

  • Election07: Decimal Conversion Edition

    *Announcements*: The [ALP campaign launch](, including: * School Computers for everyone in years 9-12. * Additional apprenticeships (450,000 training places). * Renewable Energy funding. Total of $2.3 billion. A few minor policies from the Coalition: [Aviation](, [Agriculture](, [Fishing]( About $60m total. 10 days to go.

  • Election07: Landing Eagle Edition

    *Announcements*: A few small ALP things today: [Centre for Civil-Millitary Cooperation]( ($5m), [$15m for green precincts](, and one biggie, [solar homes and schools]( ($380m). *Polls*: [Morgan senate](, showing up to seven Greens could be elected. 11 days to go.

  • Election07: Apostolic Edition

    *Announcements*: [Coalition policy launch](, including: * Child care tax rebate to be paid up front, greater funding to build child care centres. * First home ownership accounts with tax-free elements, to be topped up by the taxpayer. * Release of 961 hectares for housing in several stats. * Tax rebates for education expenses, including private…

  • Election07: Remembrance Edition

    Nothing going on today. Not even an exciting poll. Everyone’s waiting for the launches. 13 days to go.

  • Election07: Stations of the Cross Edition

    *Announcements*: * ALP announces [$10m for the Australia Council over 4 years]( * Coalition pledges [$50m for veterans]( and an [ABC Childrens Channel ($82m)]( *Polls*: [AC Nielsen Online]( ALP 56. 14 days to go.

  • Election07: Jamie Oliver edition

    Another quiet day. Running out of policies, getting towards time to vote… *Polls*: [Morgan phone]( ALP 56, [Morgan face to face]( ALP 62. 15 days to go.

  • Election07: 286 edition

    Quiet day. Nothing national announced. *Quote of the day*: [Wayne Swan on interest rates]( > “I can’t make irresponsible promises like John Howard has been making” Not everyone has John’s talents, after all. 16 days to go.

  • Election07: Virginia to Florida edition

    *Announcements*: * Coalition announces [52 weeks of unpaid parental leave for parents]( * ALP announces a [Horticulture Code of Conduct]( 17 days to go.

  • Election07: Sirmione Edition

    Very, very quiet on the hustings today. Almost as if there was something else on… 18 days to go.

  • Election07: Redgum edition

    *Announcements*: * Coalition announces [another $1.6b in roads, this time for SA]( * ALP announces a [homelessness policy]( Another quiet day. Almost certainly a quiet first half of this week given the Melbourne Cup. 19 days to go.