So, yeah…

The more observant of you will have noticed that the Trekathon stalled a little bit back in June at the end of TNG Season 6 and DS9 Season 1.

There are a lot of different reasons, which I won’t go in to.

And looking forward I have a big holiday coming up, and next year I’m going to be studying part time. So the ‘free’ time for Star Trek has been eaten up.

So, here’s the new plan. The new Star Trek movie comes out on 29 June 2012. That’s 601 days from now. As I had 457 episodes to go, that means that I need to watch a bit less than one episode a day. So early in 2011 I’ll be getting back on the wagon at a lower pace.

I’ll probably be doing some other posts on the blog from time to time as well.