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  • Apple announces new Macbooks – what does it mean for pricing?

    Apple announced some shiny new stuff overnight. What can we work out about pricing for the iPad from these? They all work out about the same, so let’s look at the 13″ MacBook Pro. – Australian Price: $1,499 – Subtract the GST: $1,362.73 – US Price: $1,199 – Implied exchange rate: 0.88 (Other exchange rates […]

  • iPad pricing in Australia: some educated guesses

    The [iPad]( is coming. How much will it cost in Australia? Looking at the products on the store right this second, the exchange rate being used for iPods ranges from 0.817 through to 0.833 (that’s after correcting for the GST). So if they price the iPad using that range, what could we expect? Australian pricing, […]

  • The exchange rate according to today’s Apple announcements

    [Apple]( announced some shiny new things today. Given that the Australian dollar is around 92 cents, we’d hope for a good exchange rate. What has Apple actually done? * iMac 22-inch: US $1,199, AUS $1,599 * iMac 27-inch: US $1,699, AUS $2,199 * Mac Mini Base: US $549, AUS $849 * MacBook: US $999, AUS […]

  • MacWorld recap

    OK, how did the predictions go? Not so good… * Something unguessed: Nope, not really. * Micro laptop: [Yes]( You want to know what’s cruel? I can’t buy one for a month or so. Stupid FBT ‘one laptop a year’ limit – don’t they know it’s Macworld? * iPhone SDK stuff with other things: kinda. […]

  • Waiting for Apple

    Some wild speculation about the [Apple]( Macworld keynote that happens Tuesday morning (late Wednesday evening Australian time). * There hasn’t been a lot of information to leak out of Apple for this one, so chances are everyone guessing is very wrong – one of the big announcements will be something nobody anticipated. * That said, […]

  • The strange, strange world of tax

    As I mentioned below, I just got a new laptop. Despite the fact that it cost twice as much as a desktop. Why? [Section 58X(2)(h)]( of the [Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986](, which says: > each of the following is an eligible work related item : […] a notebook computer, a laptop computer or […]

  • My shiny new laptop

    Shortly before Christmas my [old Powerbook laptop]( started doing two distressing things. Firstly, it started getting really, really hot and was working really slowly. Secondly, and even *more* worryingly, the hard drive was making funny noises every time it got used. So I very quickly stopped using it, which is the other excuse that I […]

  • So very,very wrong

    Last night I very nearly posted a long rant about how it’s ‘Macworld’, and not ‘iPodworld’ or ‘iPhoneworld’. [Good thing I didn’t…]( Apple only announced two big new products at the Macworld keynote, neither of which are computer hardware: the [Apple TV]( and the [iPhone]( The phone looks very, very nice, but there’s no word […]

  • A blast from Apple’s past

    Via Peeve Farm is this video from the 1997 MacWorld, with Steve Jobs announcing the deal with Microsoft. It’s fascinating watching Steve – he’s so clearly hating what he has to announce, but he has to as it’s the only way to save the company. When the introduction of Internet Explorer as the default browser […]

  • The WWDC is coming

    The Apple World Wide Developer Conference is on next week (7-11 August), and starts with Steve Jobs doing his annual sermon to the faithful. Traditionally he’ll be announcing some shiny new products. This is then the appropriate time for wild speculation about what will get announced. Here are some guesses and thoughts for myself [Updated […]