Waiting for Apple

Some wild speculation about the [Apple](http://www.apple.com) Macworld keynote that happens Tuesday morning (late Wednesday evening Australian time).

* There hasn’t been a lot of information to leak out of Apple for this one, so chances are everyone guessing is very wrong – one of the big announcements will be something nobody anticipated.

* That said, a lightweight notebook (“Macbook Air?”) seems like a pretty good guess. I hope so, I want to buy one.

* It would be strange to announce an iPhone SDK (or, rather, the software from it) here, but something really needs to be announced soon. My guess is that it’ll be coupled with other announcements about new features. Quite possibly related to the Macbook Air.

* There will be a software announcement, but that can’t be iLife or MacOS X. Probably a rev to iWork and maybe a new app.

* There’s a pretty significant chance that “nothing from Apple” means there’s nothing to announce. There’s been a fair bit of hardware updating already in the past 12 months, none of the software is at the right point of the cycle, and the iPhone is the new big thing. Maybe Steve will spend 90 minutes talking about what a crazy year it’s been?

We’ll see how I do after the speech.