MacWorld recap

OK, how did the predictions go? Not so good…

* Something unguessed: Nope, not really.

* Micro laptop: [Yes]( You want to know what’s cruel? I can’t buy one for a month or so. Stupid FBT ‘one laptop a year’ limit – don’t they know it’s Macworld?

* iPhone SDK stuff with other things: kinda. New firmware version with new features, and a mention of the SDK for February. Also some updates for the iPod Touch – which I can’t buy yet, darn it!

* Software announcement: I could try and claim ‘movies are software’, but nope.

* Nothing much: very much no…

So the other bits:

* [Time Capsule]( an Airport with a built in hard drive. I’ll be buying one, depending on Australian pricing. I need a backup drive, and an 802.11n router would be very nice.

* [Movie rentals]( Pretty stunning to get all the studios in the first release. But not available here yet.

* [HD Apple TV]( The game changer they meant to release on the first go, I think. But without the rentals it’s pretty pointless for Australia.

But oh, the Macbook Air. As you can see in the advert, it fits into an envelope. Not that I’ll be doing that with mine when I get it. I still miss my poor deceased 12″ Powerbook, of course. Now if they can launch some things in Australia (like rentals. And oh, I don’t know, **iPhones**?)