Trekathon 877: Crossroads (PRO)

Two roads diverge. Spoilers.

Similar to the first part of Season 1, the main plot is being moved along a lot faster than I’d normally expect. Everyone is allowed to be intelligent and realise what they’re seeing. There’s still a continued lack of judgment from the kids, but that’s consistent with character and fairly well earned.

The action scenes are also consistently great.

I like that they’re making it ambiguous whether Diviner is playing Janeway or genuinely has amnesia. I’d normally expect a kids show to make it more obvious, but this show is generally better than that.

Another subtle crossover, with the ‘Outrageous’ Ozone reappearing from TNG Season 2. Oh, and some Xindi appearing from Season 3 of Enterprise. The people who write this show appear to have broad knowledge of Trek, but are using it to create the world rather than as fan service.

877 down.