Trekathon 876: All the World’s a Stage (PRO)

The 14th episode with a title drawn from Shakespeare. Spoilers.

Prodigy’s first ‘normal episode of Trek’ – get a distress signal, turn up at the planet and find out what’s going on. And what we get is a pretty strong episode, with a real TOS feel, some good jokes, and good character moments. This is really a show that’s finding its footing.

I loved the Kirk and Sulu impressions the two-handed Kirk chops, It’s a plot that draws a lot on the TOS background, again showing this is the show that is most connected to that part of Trek continuity. Yes, even more than Strange New Worlds. And it does it in a way that just feels like the universe of the show rather than fan service.

Jankom is starting to get on my nerves – relative to the other characters he has little depth, and seems to mainly have the role of making annoying interventions. He does get a nice moment in the episode, but it’s enough.

876 down.