Month: September 2022

  • Trekathon 868: Reflections (LD)

    Reflections is pretty much the name of the game for this blog. Spoilers.

  • Tower of Babylon 013: By Any Means Necessary

    Union struggles come to SF. It’s nice to see the difficulties of actually running a space station, and the realities of a world where money requires hard choices between things and tight budgets. I’ve never liked the utopian money-free future of Star Trek, it just doesn’t feel like a real possible future. There’s a bit […]

  • Tower of Babylon 012: Survivors

    This episode showed something of an ongoing flaw in the season to date. There are some good stories and good characters, but the characterisation is turned up to 11. So we get a lot of scenes of angry people shouting past each other, totally unwilling to engage in give or take. It’s ultimately a bit […]

  • Tower of Babylon 011: Believers

    Finally an episode that really underperformed my memory. I remembered this as being quite a strong story about medical ethics, with a dark ending Trek would never touch. And while those are both true, I didn’t remember the terrible characterisation on Franklin required to get there, and a weakfish child actor. Franklin is borderline irredeemable […]

  • Tower of Babylon 010: Deathwalker

    One that from memory was quite weak, but surprised me for the most part. The story is a good example of the kind of SF concept that would be difficult or impossible to make work in Star Trek, but feels natural here. The various manoeuvring and compromises among the different races and factions is interesting […]

  • Tower of Babylon 009: And The Sky Full of Stars

    Just as great as I remembered it. The fist time Babylon 5 really shifts into a higher gear in terms of the big arc. Michael O’Hare’s performance as haunted and scarred so far exceeds everything else that he does in this show. Knowing the back story that’s quite tragic. But he also brings a core […]

  • Tower of Babylon 008: The War Prayer

    A confession – as is obvious from the date stamps I’ve been away from this project for a while. As a result I’ve been watching a largish batch of episodes before writing up the reviews. And when I sat down now to write about this episode I could barely recall what it was about or […]

  • Tower of Babylon 007: Mind War

    This was one of the ‘major’ episodes in my memory, and I was glad to see it stood up to scrutiny after all these years. It’s not quite as subtle as I remembered – George Takei as Bester must have put on quite a few kilos with all the chewed scenery. But it’s a combination […]

  • Tower of Babylon 006: Parliament of Dreams

    This is a fun but ultimately low calorie episode. None of the plot threads really do anything incredible in terms of moving things forward. And there are some bits that are a bit on the nose. For instance, yes, it’s nice to see Earth has diversity of beliefs. But do none of the other aliens […]

  • Trekathon 867: Room for Growth (LD)

    Not sure there is much more room for growth in Star Trek series at the moment. Spoilers.