Tower of Babylon 010: Deathwalker

One that from memory was quite weak, but surprised me for the most part. The story is a good example of the kind of SF concept that would be difficult or impossible to make work in Star Trek, but feels natural here. The various manoeuvring and compromises among the different races and factions is interesting and well produced.

My only criticism is that Jha’Dur is just too much of a comic book villain. If she’s a speciesist supremacist then it’s hard to imagine her caring very much about ‘they became me’ or sowing chaos. It would have been nice to try and grapple with the version of the character who sees herself as a tragic hero, rather than a villain taking revenge.

The B-plot if interminable – Talia and Kosh makes no sense, goes nowhere, and isn’t fun to watch. Just a bad use of screen time.