Trekathon 868: Reflections (LD)

Reflections is pretty much the name of the game for this blog. Spoilers.

Finally Rutherford gets a story. There’s a nice interrogation of his character here, but it ends up being an excuse for a bland blankness rather than a real explanation. I hope we get to see a bit more of the connection to the younger Rutherford as the plot they’ve set up there develops. But we do get a sense of what’s important to Rutherford, and why, and it’s the best he’s had as a character in the whole series.

The B-plot leans a bit too heavily on references for the jokes, but redeems itself when Boimler just totally snaps. There are some nice jokes on the way through, but ultimately it’s a very lightweight plot compared to the A-plot. At least they’re setting up something for the future with the archaeologists.

Quick hits:

– I really do dig the theme for this show. It has the TNG grandeur, but something else that hints at the nature of the show.

– LOL, the alternate timeline joke was a great throwaway.

– The standee with the photo holes is a great little addition.

– I like the idea of a voice against Star Fleet,

-Yay, Sisko reference.

– The Archaeologist running off into the museum in the background was a nice bit of business.

– Oooh, ominous backstory and mysterious shadow figures talking about “The Program”. Could be fun.

– Loved the ‘going to warp’ shot at the end of the episode.

868 down.