52/30/5 Week 16

Week 16 is a few weeks late, and the backlog is going to get bigger before it gets smaller. I’m off to Europe in a weeks time, so expect to see quite a lot of photos from that to make up the backlog, and maybe even help me build up a bit of a buffer.

This week takes me up the hill near my house, Fadden Hills, along with a shiny new D90 camera and a couple of new lenses to play with.

A survey mark on the road up to the hill:

Survey Mark

A fence at the start of the hill.


Helen walking up the hill with the mountains in the background:

Walking uphill

Woden valley looking towards Telstra tower:

Woden Valley

A couple of the kangaroos around the hill:


That’s it for this week. I’ll try and get another week done next Sunday, and after that there will be a break while I’m away from the Internet. You can find the [full set](http://www.flickr.com/photos/exasperated/sets/72157618225146695/) online as always.