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  • 52/30/5: Final thoughts

    One year ago I started a project to take photos every week, mainly as an exercise to force me to use my camera more. It’s been a successful failure. I didn’t actually get my camera out each and every week, but I’ve done enough to fill in for 52 sessions worth. And I’ve used my […]

  • 52/30/5 Week 52

    For week 52 I had been hoping to go to Gininderra Falls, but that’s apparently been closed for a while. What I did find was a couple of dumped and destroyed cars, though: The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 51

    Week 51 was taken at Grevillea park on the front of Lake Burley Griffin. A windsurfer on the lake: A swan and a gosling: Buildings in the Kingston Foreshore (known as the Daleks): The lake front at Grevillea Park: And Lake Burley Griffin looking towards the Carillion: The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 50

    Week 50 was taken at the Point Hut Pond in Tuggernaong. The basketball hoop: A nearby slide: Monkey bars: Ducks taking flight: And a tower that is part of the play ground: The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 49

    Week 49 was a quick round of self portraits in the front yard. The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 48

    Week 48 was taken in Edison Park in Woden. Edison park has been suffering from the drought, the normal pond has been drained and has grown over: The wooden path to the middle of the pond: An anchor (a memorial for something or other) in the park: And a swing: The [full set]( is on […]

  • 52/30/5 Week 47

    Week 47 was taken around the Treasury Building in Canberra. The building: The flag and coat of arms from the front: And one of the car parks: The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 46

    Week 46 was taken in the Parliamentary triangle in Canberra. Old Parliament House in HDR: The War Memorial over the lake: The National Portrait Gallery: The High Court: And the surprisingly Christmas-y local map sign: The [full set](¬) is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 45

    Week 45 was taken at another bay near Lake Burley Griffin. A seagull: Birds surrounding a tree: A cycle path: Contrails in the sky: A magpie in a tree: The [full set]( is available on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 44

    After the final break, the last few photo sessions for my project have been finished, and will be uploaded by the end of the year. Week 44 was taken at Telopea Park near Kingston. The park: A storm drain: Some cyclists passing through: A HDR view of a tree: And a tree in the bright […]