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  • How To: Take photographs during a balloon ride

    When you book a balloon ride you may (like me) think that you don’t need to think too much about taking pictures: [“f/8 and be there”]( would be all you need. What you haven’t realised (or perhaps you did, and that’s why you’re here) is that the lighting conditions are going to be really difficult. […]

  • 52/30/5: Final thoughts

    One year ago I started a project to take photos every week, mainly as an exercise to force me to use my camera more. It’s been a successful failure. I didn’t actually get my camera out each and every week, but I’ve done enough to fill in for 52 sessions worth. And I’ve used my […]

  • 52/30/5 Week 52

    For week 52 I had been hoping to go to Gininderra Falls, but that’s apparently been closed for a while. What I did find was a couple of dumped and destroyed cars, though: The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 51

    Week 51 was taken at Grevillea park on the front of Lake Burley Griffin. A windsurfer on the lake: A swan and a gosling: Buildings in the Kingston Foreshore (known as the Daleks): The lake front at Grevillea Park: And Lake Burley Griffin looking towards the Carillion: The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 50

    Week 50 was taken at the Point Hut Pond in Tuggernaong. The basketball hoop: A nearby slide: Monkey bars: Ducks taking flight: And a tower that is part of the play ground: The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 49

    Week 49 was a quick round of self portraits in the front yard. The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 48

    Week 48 was taken in Edison Park in Woden. Edison park has been suffering from the drought, the normal pond has been drained and has grown over: The wooden path to the middle of the pond: An anchor (a memorial for something or other) in the park: And a swing: The [full set]( is on […]

  • 52/30/5 Week 47

    Week 47 was taken around the Treasury Building in Canberra. The building: The flag and coat of arms from the front: And one of the car parks: The [full set]( is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 46

    Week 46 was taken in the Parliamentary triangle in Canberra. Old Parliament House in HDR: The War Memorial over the lake: The National Portrait Gallery: The High Court: And the surprisingly Christmas-y local map sign: The [full set](¬) is on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 45

    Week 45 was taken at another bay near Lake Burley Griffin. A seagull: Birds surrounding a tree: A cycle path: Contrails in the sky: A magpie in a tree: The [full set]( is available on Flickr.