52/30/5 Week 10

I’m a couple of weeks behind, so expect to see three lots of photos this week.

Today I went out to Namadgi National Park, south of Canberra, specifically the Corin Dam region.

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The first photo was taken pointing south towards (I think) Gibraltar Peak:

Gibraltar Peak

From here I moved on to Gibraltar Falls:

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The falls themselves:

Gibraltar Falls

And a skink who was on the rocks here:


And the view from the top of the falls:

Top of the Falls

Finally, I drove on to Corin Dam, one of the water catchments for the ACT.

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The view to the South from the lookout:

Corin Dam

As always, the [full set](http://www.flickr.com/photos/exasperated/sets/72157615352488655/) can be found on Flickr. More coming this Thursday.