52/30/5 Week 2

Week 2 took me to the Acton area, near Lake Burley Griffin.

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There’s some construction going on, here’s the crane through the trees:

Crane and trees

That’s also where Canberra’s bike rental is set up, for a pleasant quad bike cycle around the lake:


Here’s a flower, which was mainly taken as a test of depth-of-field for my camera:

Blue flower

On the other side of the lake were some small sailboats sailing in front of Parliament House:

Sailing near APH

And also near here is a building that perhaps would have been nice, if it weren’t for the excessive use of concrete:

Ugly building

That’s it for Week 2. The full set of photos from the session are on [Flickr](http://www.flickr.com/photos/exasperated/sets/72157612428630748/) as always.